October 23, 2019

13 Easy Herbs To Grow Indoors

As a common rule of thumb, when trying to grow herbs indoors, they must be placed in a spot that gets direct sunlight for at least six hours every day. In addition to sunlight, giving plenty of water can result in significant growth of your herbs. We have curated a list of herbs that can be quickly grown indoors.

  1. Lemon Balm– Lemon balm plants can provide excellent flavours and can be grown for a year. It can be planted indoors during the fall, and they will grow indoors during the winter. Eventually, they can be put outside during the spring and summer.
  2. Chives – Chives can grow almost anywhere and do not need a lot of efforts. It must be harvested at the base, and not more than one-third of the bunch must be planted at a time.
  3. Mint – Growing mint indoors is a great idea and can be extremely beneficial. It can give your home a fresh scent. However, they must be planted in containers to keep it from growing all over the place. All types of mints are suitable to grow indoors.
  4. Parsley – When planting parsley indoors, the seeds must be soaked in warm water before sowing, so that the coat cracks open.
  5. Basil – Smaller varieties of basil can be used when growing indoors. Many larger types of basil can often take up too much space and can be a problem when growing inside.
  6. Bay Laurel– Bay leaves can grow pretty significant if not maintained. It can be grown indoors during winters but must be kept outside during warm months.
  7. Cilantro – Cilantro has a short lifespan. The seeds must be sowed every two to three weeks to keep the supply going.
  8. Thyme Thyme can be planted in pots as small as four and six inches. It is easy to propagate from cuttings as well.
  9. Lemongrass – Lemongrass can be grown from seeds, bought as a plant or even propagated in water from the fresh herbs available in grocery stores.
  10. Oregano– Oreganos, just like thyme, are easy to grow from cuttings. The cuttings can be rooted out in the water at the end of summer. Fresh oregano has a milder flavour than the dried ones. Fresh oregano must be added at the end of cooking to retain its flavour.
  11. Rosemary– The cuttings of rosemary can be propagated in the water at the end of summer and usually grow through winter. The four-inch cutting should be stuck into the potting soil and covered with plastic to retain humidity.
  12. Sage– It can be bought as a starter plant or be grown from the cuttings. The cuttings from an established plant can be stuck into the soil and kept moist. The roots will develop in a few weeks. Sage is packed with healing properties and was even used in the Middle Ages to prevent the plague. Sage is also widely praised by a number of Doctors at Medicine Direct in improving the memory and function of the brain in both young and older people.
  13. Kaffir Lime Kaffir lime is a woody plant used for its foliage. It must be placed outdoor during summers just like bay laurel plants.
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