View Article  From Castelvetro to Sainsburys


Warning, as you read this, you may think I am a touch cynical. In which case you would be ...   more »

View Article  Remember September? No, this is December

Haven’t blogged for months, curiously the number of hits on the blog has rocketed whilst those on the actual Arne ...   more »

View Article  Quackery, flies and the Olympics

People telephone and say “Oh you are still there!” hopefully delighted, which is preferable to a disappointed “Oh are you...   more »

View Article  Perceptions



Because William Turner continues to get ten times more hits a month than any other blog posted here, ...   more »

View Article  Warm Glow All Over

A Warm Glow all over


Yep, it’s me your familiar grumpy old churl full of happiness and bonhomie, so ...   more »

View Article  Not quite the Royal wedding (but almost)

As the media, if not the public, become increasingly obsessed by the royal wedding, it seems appropriate to find some ...   more »

View Article  Concerning medieval walls and modern winter

Look , here’s another blog, just to prove that I haven’t dropped off my perch during the horrible winter. Having ...   more »

View Article  The Exigencies of Retailing

Exigencies of Retailing


I recently told my hermitically-inclined daughter who wants to take the business on, that it is ...   more »

View Article  Winter wonderland on the Herb Farm

It’s snowing. It was snowing this time last year, it snowed in Alberta in May it was icy in the ...   more »

View Article  Buffaloes dunroamin


I promised the fan club an account of my trip to the USA and so here it is, a ...   more »



A Dark Age Chimaera


Anthony Lyman-Dixon


The whole question of Carolingian gardens neatly encapsulates ...   more »

View Article  Where the Buffalo Roam

Where the Buffalo Roam


During the winter when  snow enveloped the land, an invitation to my nephew’s wedding ...   more »

View Article  Herm today, gone tomorrow

Herm today, gone tomorrow


What would you rather have stuck up on a pole  outside your house,  ...   more »

View Article  Cateria Sforza,a Renaissance Heroine Revisited

One of the great mysteries in my life is why the blog “William Turner and the RenaissanceGarden” gets ...   more »

View Article  Vervain, vampires and marketing in a changed climate



Do you remember when Vervain was the Gods’ herb of choice, carried up to Olympus in the beaks ...   more »

View Article  Frozen in Ferrara

Frozen in Ferrara


The other night I switched on a book review programme on the telly, not because I ...   more »

View Article  And did those sheep in ancient time?

Oh come on, don’t quibble, given the third line of Blake’s poem, sheep make far more sense than “feet”.  ...   more »

View Article  Trade, Tribulation and Historic Gardens


It’s been an enjoyable autumn so far, the summer climaxed with the Cambridge International Lavender Conference which seemed to ...   more »

View Article  Autumnal identity, neither particularly Mellow nor Fruitful



Although my blogs are always suffused with the deep glow of my love for my fellow men as ...   more »

View Article  Barbecue summer

Blog from the Barbecue Summer


Sage gone, Peppermint gone, purple orris gone and likewise all the white asphodels, Silybums, ...   more »

View Article  Chelsea Blogged



First things first, the organisers of the Bella awards for blogs ( have asked me to announce that ...   more »

View Article  Oedipuss at Colonus

Oedipuss at Colonus


“In what manner Oedipus passed from this earth, no one but Theseus knows. We know he ...   more »

View Article  WONG FOOTED



I enjoyed Wong’s “Grow Your Own Drugs” on the telly. My staff enjoyed it and members of the ...   more »

View Article  Herbs, Heat and Hypocrisy

Herbs, Heat and Hypocrisy


Naively convinced that the climate really is warming, we started growing Galingale, Turmeric and ginger. ...   more »

View Article  Hallucinogenic and toxic herbs

This blog started  life as a review of Wink and Van Wyk's new book on hallucinogenic and poisonous plants, many ...   more »

View Article  William Turner & The Renaissance Herb Garden

William Turner and the Renaissance Herb Garden


A customer, clearly blessed with a magnanimity denied to the rest of ...   more »

View Article  Why Are All My Herbs Dying?

Why are all my Herbs Dying?


Here is another in my series on customers’ favourite questions. The short answer ...   more »

View Article  Witchy Evening

Witchy Evening


During the period more or less between the  Chelsea and Hampton Court Flower Shows, we open ...   more »

View Article  Medieval English Cookery


Medieval society’s  dependence upon plants for every aspect of its existence has frequently expanded the enthusiasm of gardeners ...   more »

View Article  What is a Herb?

My web master said that I would save hours of time by listing the ten most inane questions I am ...   more »